• How Does the School Day Start?


    Hello Families!

    Wednesday September 9th is our very first day of school for this new year! School will look very different now than it did in the fall. Everything is being streamlined through the Canvas app. Every morning, Monday-Friday, here is how your child should start their day:

    1) Log onto Canvas by 9:10

    -To get to Canvas your student should go to Everett Public Schools -> Student Tools -> Canvas, and log in as they normally would.

    2) Click on the 4th Homeroom course in their dashboard

    3) Click on the Zoom Meeting icon under Quick Links

    4) Review the Zoom expectations slide and any other slides on that page

    5) Scroll down to the schedule, review the password, and then click the Zoom link posted there by 9:15

    Class will start promptly at 9:15 Monday-Friday with a live Zoom meeting. All students are expected to be in attendance, and attendance will be taken. This will be an important time because it will help us get to know one another, and let students know what we will be covering that day. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately (following school dress code, no pajamas), and in a comfortable, well-lit spot free from distractions for our class Zooms.