Superintendent's Message, November 24, 2020

  • Dr. Ian Saltzman

  • Dear friends,

    I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.

    This year it is easy to focus on the challenges we have faced. School looks different, we are not able to socialize the way we have in the past, and we have concerns about friends and families’ health.

    There is another side to these challenges.

    This year we have learned new and creative ways to educate students. We have become innovative in how to connect with family and friends. We have developed tenacity.

    I am thankful for this growth and thankful for all you do to support your child’s education and your school.

    I hope you take time this Thanksgiving holiday to spend time with family and friends in a safe manner. Appreciate those you love and share time together. Take time to rest and recharge. 

    Be well and be safe,

    Dr. Ian B. Saltzman, Superintendent