• Welcome 6th Grade Class of 2029!

    We are excited to meet you!



    ~ Please continue checking back here for updated information regarding middle school transitions! ~



    5th grade class presentations with Mr. Bennett and Mr. Miller

    Mr. Bennett and Mr. Miller visited with 5th graders at our main feeder pattern elementary schools the week of Feb. 28th - March 4th. In the evening on the day they visited your student's school a link to the Gateway 6th grade online class registration form was emailed to parents/guardians.

  • 5th Grade Tours

    5th graders visited Gateway on June 8th and 9th for in-person tours!

  • Going into Math 7/8 next year?

    This math website link has been prepared by our Gateway Math 7/8 teachers with an emphasis on the Math 6/7 course your student took last year. Please know the work on this website is not mandatory...truly optional--there is a lot of value in enjoying summer off exploring personal interests and relaxing! :) But...if you would like some math materials to prepare you for Math 7/8, here you go! 





  • Check out descriptions of the classes offered at Gateway here...



    Still deciding between English 6 and English 7 Honors? Check out this helpful document...

    English 7 Honors Checklist


6th grade Pre-Registration Form...how to fill it out... Registration form links were shared with students/parents after Mr. Miller and Mr. Bennett visited elementary classrooms/schools. The due date is Friday, April 1st to allow time for everyone to talk with current 5th grade teachers during conference week and reflect on what's best for their family.

  • Middle School Planning Guide 

    Tools, tips, and information about all Everett Public School Middle Schools. Typically, fifth graders go over this with their fifth grade teachers or school counselors. Hard copies are available at the elementary building levels. Please wait to hear how your individual school will distribute these guides. In the meantime, feel free to take a look online at this document!