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  • High School Transition Activities

    Class of 2025






    Friday, March 12 during 2nd period (8 AM)

    Cascade and Jackson High School Counselor Visits

    Counselors will share out information about registering for classes. See above for more particulars.

    Tuesday, March 16 during SEL period (1:15 PM)

    9th grade course selection and optional 4 year planning

    Gateway teachers will work with 8th graders during the SEL period with 9th grade course selections. Students will work on writing down (on the green sheet for Jackson or page 12 in the course catalog for Cascade)  the classes they want and alternate classes. You do not need to turn these actual papers in or scan a copy anywhere...the green sheet and page 12 are a resource for you to use at home. 

    If students are completely done with choosing their 9th grade classes/alternates, there is an OPTION to draft up a 4 year plan. This is entirely optional and not a requirement. 

    Videos on both 9th grade course planning and 4 year planning will be on this website and student Canvas pages (student body, school counselor, 8th grade) by 2:00 PM on March 16th.

    Week of March 16th

    Student and parents work on choosing 9th grade classes at home.

    Please take this week so your students know exactly which classes they are signing up for in 9th grade (as well as 6 alternates in case there is not room in a class in the fall). If you need more resources or help, there are the actual videos of what students learned on the Gateway website and Student Body/Counseling/Grade 8 Canvas pages.

    Tuesday, March 23rd

    Inputting class requests and alternates into the Naviance system

    Mrs. Smith will work with all Gateway students (during English class) on inputting their course requests and alternates into the system so they can ‘reserve’ their spots in classes and alternates for next year. Students will use what they wrote on the green JHS sheet or page 12 course catalog (CHS) to input their choices into Naviance.

    Monday, March 29th

    Jackson and Cascade High School Transition Conferences

    Parents and students will talk with Jackson/Cascade staff members and officially confirm class requests via Zoom. These meetings will be 15 minutes long and it’s most beneficial for students and parents attend. Meetings start times are between the hours of 8 AM – 1:30 PM. Specific times for your personal appointments will be assigned and sent out to  you by Thursday, March 18th via email. If you do not receive your time next week, please let Mrs. Smith know. We will also send out a letter and reminder email with your appointment time and Zoom link the week of March 22nd.


    • Not attending Cascade or Jackson next year? Please email Mrs. Seifert, counseling registrar, at mseifert@everettsd.org to let her know your plans…further, you and your 8th grader can look to your next high school’s website for more information at their school.









     Didn't get a chance to pick up your course catalog? Come by the school and grab one...there is a supply of them in the Binder Zone by front of the school (by the flagpole). They will be available between 8 AM - 3 PM on school days.










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  • Choosing your 9th grade classes...


  • Optional Four Year High School Plan Draft (not mandatory)

  • Naviance Course Planner...adding your 9th grade courses and alternates...

  • What's next?

    Posted by Jocelyn Smith on 3/29/2021 1:45:00 PM

    Congratulations, Class of 2025! You have chosen your 9th grade classes for the 2021-22 school year! What's next...you may be wondering? :) By the end of April, you'll receive an RSVP form confirming the classes you requested for 9th grade...this will be your last opportunity to make any changes to your course requests. Look for this RSVP form...hope all is well with you all! Take good care!

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  • HS&B: HS Graduation Requirements

    Posted by Jocelyn Smith on 3/2/2021 6:00:00 PM

    Hi Eighth Graders and Families! Phew...the momentum is definitely picking up! :) Hope you are all feeling comfortable and excited. :) Here is the link to acces the PowerPoint shared during SEL/HS&B today. The topic is High School Graduation Requirements. To access the PowerPoint with audio explanations, check out your 8th grader's Canvas page (Student Body, School Counselors, 8th Grade...).

    Further, make sure to save the date for Wednesday, March 10th, 3:30-6:30 PM so you can get your own hard copy of the High School Course Catalog and a treat from PTSA! :)


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  • SEL/HS&B Lesson, February 23

    Posted by Jocelyn Smith on 2/23/2021

    Looking for the High School Vocabulary lesson PowerPoint? Use this link to see the PowerPoint: High School Vocabulary, February 23rd SEL/HS&B Lesson. If you need to see the actual lesson, please go onto my Canvas page (from the Gateway Student Body Canvas Page Website, go to the Counseling, Grade 8 page :)).


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  • Stay tuned...

    Posted by Jocelyn Smith on 2/12/2021

    High School Transition season...what is this all about? Over the next couple months, Gateway 8th graders will have continuous conversations/lessons on what's coming up for them in high school. Students will learn about high school terminology, meet their future high school counselors, and even have an opportunity to meet with a high school and Gateway staff member with their parents via a Zoom conference! Stay tuned and check back here for ongoing updates!

    Not going to Jackson or Cascade next year? Take a peek at your future high school's website--they typically have a wealth of information to get you started towards planning for the 2021-22 school year!




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