• Staff Voluntary Onsite COVID Testing


    Starting Wednesday, April 14, we will be providing rapid COVID testing for asymptomatic staff at 6 elementary schools. 

    • By testing asymptomatic staff it is possible to find positive cases before symptoms start, as well as catch those few who are positive but never get symptoms. This will allow us to more quickly contact trace and stop any exposures in our buildings.
    • In this way, testing allows us to stay ahead of the virus, quickly quarantine those who have been exposed, and prevent the spread in our schools.

    We will be providing this testing every other week on Learning Improvement Wednesdays. On the alternating Wednesdays  we will provide testing for staff working onsite at Whittier, Mill Creek and Jefferson, View Ridge, Emerson and Cedar Wood elementaries.

    Once the testing process is piloted and refined in these six schools, we will work on expanding the opportunity to other schools. 

  • Why is COVID-19 testing important in our schools?

  • Is testing mandatory?

  • Why is it only at 6 elementary schools?

  • Can students get tested?

  • What happens if a staff member tests positive?

  • Will COVID testing eventually be mandatory for students, teachers, and staff to be at school in person? What if my child does not want to be tested? Can I still send them to school?