• equitable access initiatives

    First year initiatives:

    Initiative 1a: Identify and remove barriers to authentic learning and high expectations for our diverse learners

         Sponsor: Shelley Boten

         Owner: Sally Lancaster

         Members: Mimi Brown, Andrea Cartwright, Kelley Clevenger, Kristie Gooding, Todd Koren


    Initiative 1b: Establish district-wide expectations for instructional time, master schedules and course offerings

         Sponsor: Shelley Boten

         Owner: Larry Fleckenstein

         Members: Sarah Peritt, Senja Yakovleff


    Initiative 2b: Ensure flexible learning opportunities and choice progams are accessible for all students

         Sponsor: Shelley Boten

         Owner: Anthony Anderson

         Members: Nancy Brown, Linda Carbajal, Ruth Floyd, Corie Gudgeon, Scott Jenkins