• Out-of-District Courses


    Some students opt to take an out-of-district course to earn credits needed for high school graduation. The student is responsible for all costs of the program including transportation, tuition, books, and fees. See the Everett Public Schools District Policy regarding community college and correspondence courses below.

    If you are thinking about taking an additional coures reach out to your counselor before signing up for the class.  You will need to complete this form:

    Click here for the Out-of-District and/or Community College Approval Form


    Many students find the flexibility in taking out-of-district or correspondence courses to be very helpful, but please note that some programs (based on accreditation) can only take up to 2.0 credits via that route. The main frustrations that students have communicated are not having the teacher in the immediate area to see when questions arise, and needing to find proctors for the exams (student's cannot use JHS Staff due to programs not being affiliated with JHS).


    Last year, the 2 out-of-district programs that were most used by JHS students were:



    As noted in Everett Public Schools Policy #2410P:



  • Correspondence Course Information:


    1. Out-of-District Correspondence Courses

    Credit for correspondence courses may be granted within a two-credit limit.

    For the purposes of this section, correspondence course is defined as, ‘any class taken from any institution that is not a state accredited, diploma granting body.’ The institution must also be a member of the National University Continuing Education Association or accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council provided the following requirements are met:

    1. Prior permission has been granted by the principal.
    2. The program fits the educational plan submitted by the student.
    3. Upon completion of the course, the student will submit his/her final grade to the principal so that the credit may be recorded on the student's permanent record. Transcripts of those students eligible to receive such credit will indicate the final grade reported for the course.