• COVID Resources and Information


  • COVID Dashboard for Everett Public Schools

    In order for us to continue to provide safe in-person learning and a safe work environment, here are a few important reminders.

    Stay Home When Sick

    If staff or a student aren’t well, please stay home until symptoms resolve. Even if you have been vaccinated, if you have symptoms, you need to stay home.

    COVID symptoms can include one or more of the following:

    • Fever                   • Difficulty breathing     • Muscle pain or body aches    
    • Chills                   • Cough                           • Fatigue                                                         
    • Headache          • Sore throat                   • Runny nose or nasal congestion        
    • New loss of taste or smell                        • Nausea or vomiting


    You can follow your situation on this staff and student flow chart on when you can return to school. 

  • Isolation and Quarantine (Updated September 29, 2021)

    *View the letter sent to families on September 29, 2021 here. It includes detailed information on the new quarantine requirements and an updated COVID-19 Return to School/Work flowchart.* 

    If you are notified you are a close contact and need to quarantine, you should seek testing 3-5 days after last exposure. However, the duration of someone’s quarantine period as set by public health, employers and/or schools must still be fulfilled regardless of test results. The test is just an indication from that moment in time, but the research has shown infection can occur 10 days after exposure. That is why it is so important to quarantine for the full incubation period. The exception to quarantine requirements for contacts to COVID is if you are fully vaccinated. Individuals who are at least two weeks past their final dose do not need to quarantine at home, provided they remain symptom-free.

    As a reminder, someone who has been vaccinated can still get COVID, although their chances of getting the virus is greatly diminished and the intensity of symptoms is significantly reduced.

    You can help prevent the spread of COVID in our schools and community. Please follow the reminders above, wear your mask in all school buildings, and remain socially distanced.