Superintendent's Message, September 3, 2021

  • ian saltzman portrait

  • To our amazing staff, teachers, students and families:

    Welcome Back! We have been looking forward to this week all summer as we will have the opportunity to see many students face to face! We are committed to making this year a valuable learning experience for all.

    I have tremendous faith in our staff and our ability to still make learning fun and meaningful even though it will be a little different. This year will still have health protocols like masking, social distancing and hand sanitizing to help keep each other safe and healthy.

    Just as important as physical health and safety is the need to provide good social and emotional supports for our students. Not every child thrived in remote learning. Some students struggled. Some lost family members. Some have extreme anxiety about being back in person.

    During the first five days of school, our focus as a system will be to welcome students back to in-person learning and reconnecting with our students. We will dedicate our instructional time to helping them to reacclimate to school and connect with staff. Students will engage in community building activities and class meetings to help build the classroom culture and reconnect with both staff and one another, a critical step after months of online or hybrid learning. In addition, teachers will spend time teaching social-emotional learning activities, learning classroom instructional routines (Math Number Talks, Plan-Do-Reflect, etc.) and learning how to collaborate and work together.

    We cannot wait to kick it off!  We are in this together. We will support each other and our students and look forward to a great 2021-22 school year.

    Be safe and be well


    Dr. Ian B. Saltzman, Superintendent