• Technology Investments for 2022 Replacement Capital Levy

    The 2022 Capital Technology Levy centers on six key areas. Within each of these areas are critical elements that support technology-rich instructional resources and a robust infrastructure essential to leverage technology in reaching the Strategic Plan Goals. Over the six-year implementation of the $96 million levy the district will be able to sustain the 1:1 program, enhance our infrastructure, provide professional development, and support, and continue integrating technology into the operations and instruction of the district. The levy will put into action the Integrated Technology Plan and build out a sustainable model for advancing staff skill in leveraging technology for learning in partnership with our community, family, students, and staff.


    1:1 program support and life cycle management

    Maintain 1:1 program by ensuring student and teacher devices stay updated, supported, and properly managed

    • Student Wi-Fi-Mobile Device Upgrades
    • Certificated Staff Mobile Device Upgrades
    • Onsite Technical and Instructional Support Staff
    • Mobile Device Management Software


    Building-Based Technology life cycle management and upgrades

    Ensure classroom and building technology stays updated and capable of current and future needs

    • Multimedia Classroom Display System
    • CRC AV System Upgrades & Enhancements
    • Office & Support staff desktop PC
    • Printing Equipment
    • New Technologies (Career Pathways)


    Infrastructure life cycle management and upgrades

    Ensure district’s technology infrastructure stays updated and capable of current and future needs

    • Security Camera Upgrades
    • Network/Data Security System Upgrades
    • New/Additional Classroom Technology Equipment
    • Cybersecurity Systems Upgrades
    • Wi-Fi Upgrades
    • District LAN Equipment Upgrades
    • Data Center Systems Upgrades
    • Fiber Optic WAN Performance Upgrade
    • Network Electrical Service Upgrades - outage protection (Backup generators and related wiring)


    Instructional Integration/Professional Development

    Ensure staff have the resources, skills, and support to enhance instructional design and engage students as creators and collaborators

    • Job-embedded Professional Development
    • Peer to Peer Coaching and Skill Development


    Communications and Community Outreach

    Ensure stakeholders and community are well informed and have many opportunities for questions and feedback

    • Project Communication Plan (staff, student, guardian)
    • Parent/Family Outreach Resources and Engagement Opportunities
    • Home Internet Access (Wi-Fi Hot Spots, Comcast)



    Maintain district systems in support of students and staff assuring sustainable funding for updates, upgrades, and capacity for current and future needs

    • Operational Software Subscriptions and Licenses
      • Finance/HR/Payroll Systems Hardware, Software, & Database upgrades as needed
      • Student Information Systems upgrade (potential replacement)
    • Instructional Software Subscriptions and Licenses
      • Digitized Curriculum Upgrades