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  • Interested in waiving PE for your 8th grade year?

    Please save the date of Thursday, May 5th at 6 PM. Mrs. Blakely and Mrs. Smith will host a Zoom meeting to explain more about waiving PE for next year. Please keep in mind this meeting is mandatory if students want to waive PE next year. At this meeting, we will discuss the spirit of waiving PE (allowing students access to high school credit bearing elective credits) and more information! Applications will also be distributed to students who attended this meeting so they can formally apply to waive PE. Approvals will be emailed to students and parents by July 1st. Stay tuned for more information...

    **only students/families who indicate on their pre-registration forms that they are "interested in waiving PE" will get the Zoom link.**


    Thank you to those of you who have submitted their PE Waiver Application Form. Only those who attended the mandatory meeting on May 5th received the application link. At this time, we are no longer accepting applications to waive PE for the 2022-23 school year. If you have further questions regarding PE for your 8th grade year, please contact your PE teacher. Thank you!


  • Interested in being a Teacher Assistant (TA) for your 8th grade year?

    Teacher assistants (TA) positions are generally reserved for qualified 8th graders in their final year at Gateway. TAs help teachers in various classrooms around Gateway (depending on what the specific classroom/teacher needs). In order to be considered to be a TA for the 2022-23 school year, please fill out this TA application form by Wednesday, June 8. Official TA positions will be officially communicated on your 8th grade year schedule (released in late August 2022).

    What are the qualifications for being a TA?

    • Consistently passed and earned at least a B- in all middle school classes.
    • Consistent demonstration of GUARD characteristics.
    • You must have PE in your 8th grade year schedule (not waiving PE).
    • Parent/guardian permission.

    NOTE: Students do not need to ask teachers if they want/need a TA. Gateway teachers will let Mrs. Smith know if they need a TA for the school year.

  • Pre-Registration Activities

    Planning for your 8th grade year!





    Monday, March 14 (Sowa & Priddy)

    Friday, March 18 (Murk)

    All students pre-registration lesson

    Mrs. Smith will visit science classes this week to go over the pre-registration process (choosing your classes for 8th grade). 

    Registration links will be sent to parent emails after students go through the lesson in their science classes. Registration links will be sent out by 5 PM the same day students go through the materials with Mrs. Smith. A video walk through of the pre-registration form is coming! :)

    All registration forms are due electronically by Friday, April 1st!

    March 20-29

    Lunchtime Q&A w/ Mrs. Smith

    Have quick questions about registration? Mrs. Smith will be outside at lunches answering any questions students have about choosing classes for next year.

    Feel free to email Mrs. Smith (jsmith1@everettsd.org)...keep in mind that it may take a bit longer for her to get back to you during this registration season. Rest assured, if you are waiting for an email reply from Mrs. Smith and the April 1st due date is coming, your student will still be able to submit their choices for next year! :)

    Friday, April 1st

    Registration forms for the 2022-23 school year are due!

    Make sure to submit electronically your choices for 8th grade!

    late April/early May

    PE Waiver Information Meeting

    This meeting is mandatory if you are considering taking a high school elective (Spanish or Computer Applications) in addition to another elective offered at Gateway (i.e. Choir, Band, Orchestra, or Robotics/Art). Mrs. Blakely and Mrs. Smith will host this meeting...exact date/time TBD. 

    Emails will be sent out to students and parents to families who indicated their interest on pre-registration forms.


  • High School Credits taken in middle school...

    High School credit bearing classes offered at Gateway include:

    • Washington State History - 0.5 high school credit (All 7th grade students are enrolled in this class 1st semester)
    • Math8/Algebra 1 - 1.0 high school credit (Only students currently enrolled in Math 7/8 will be placed in this class)
    • Geometry - 1.0 high school credit (Only students currently enrolled in Algebra 1 will be placed in this class)
    • Pre-AP English 1 - 1.0 high school credit (Students currently in Honors English 8 will be placed in this class)
    • Spanish - 1.0 high school credit
    • Computer Applications - 0.5 high school credit

    Questions about high school credit? Below is an excerpt from the Everett Public Schools High School Course Catalog regarding high school courses taken at the middle school level. To get more information regarding high school courses and graduation requirements, please follow this link: Graduation Toolkits for EPS



  • Want a sneak peek at what's to come in high school in Everett Public Schools? Check out the 2022-23 HS Course Catalog!     



  • 2022 Free Middle Summer School Information! 

    Middle School Summer Options link: This link will provide all the information you need to find out about the various options to help supplement/advance your student for the upcoming school year! General information, registration information/forms, and contact information is on this summer school link.





  • Need help filling out the pre-registration form for 8th grade?

    Click on the video below!

  • Summer is almost here!

    Posted by Jocelyn Smith on 5/22/2022

    Hi there! I can't believe how fast this year is going! As of now, we are currently working on building the master schedule for the 2022-23 school year. If you have any special requests or questions for your 8th grade year classes, please email Mrs. Smith at jsmith1@everettsd.org.

    Please keep in mind that Mrs. Smith will not be checking email from June 24th to August 25th due to summer break.

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  • Welcome!

    Posted by Jocelyn Smith on 3/9/2022

    Hi! So glad you made it to this website exclusively for current Gateway 7th graders! Please continue to check back as I will be updating this as new information comes my way! :) 

    ~Mrs. Smith

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