• Course Description

    Chamber Orchestra will receive instruction in instrumental skills through the performance of increasingly challenging orchestra literature, music fundamentals, and famous melodies. Gateway Orchestras are year-long classes, and it is the Gateway expectation that students will make a commitment for the whole year. Chamber Orchestra participates in events during and after school throughout the year, including concerts, assemblies, and music festival field trips.

    • Chamber Orchestra is our 3rd year ensemble and the emphasis is on performance and developing ensemble skills. This class is for experienced instrumentalists continuing in their music practice. Students will continue to develop their skills and will strengthen fundamentals, such as fingerings, notes, rhythms, scales, and dynamics.

    Supply List

    • Your instrument!
    • An Orchestra Book. You can buy this at our local music stores as well as Amazon.com, jwpepper.com and other music retail websites.  

       Chamber Orchestra will be using String Basics Book 3 (specific to your instrument)

    • Pencil:  Use a pencil or other writing utensil to take notes during class if not using a computer. Always use a pencil if writing on sheet music so you can erase if you need to!
    • Violins/Violas – A violin/viola, bow, case, rosin, rosin cloth, REAL (not foam) shoulder rest
    • Cellos/Basses – A cello/bass, bow, case, rosin, rosin cloth, rockstop
    • Recommended: Digital Tuner/Metronome: Many students experience more success on their instruments if they have a digital tuner and/or a metronome for practicing at home. Clip on tuners are especially helpful. These wonderful practice tools can be purchased for around $20 from a music store. For those with smartphones or tablets, there are some excellent tuner and metronome apps. I highly recommend the Tonal Energy Tuner app on your Smartphone, although it is not free. https://www.metronomeonline.com/ is a good basic free online metronome.
    • Recommended: Music stand for home practice

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