• Bell Schedule for Second Step/HS&BP Days

  • High School & Beyond Plan / Naviance

    All 6th, 7th and 8th grade students will receive Naviance/HS&BP lessons throughout the school year.  These lessons are taught by the Gateway counseling team during the regular school day. Lessons focused on course registration for the following year will also be taught using the Naviance/HS&BP format.  This includes 8th grade students choosing classes for 9th grade. Stay tuned for more information on course registration for the following school year.

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  • Second Step is a classroom-based social skills program for students in preschool through junior high (ages 4–14 years), with a distinct curriculum for each grade. It is designed to reduce impulsive, high-risk, and aggressive behaviors and increase children's social competence and other protective factors. 

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