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  • Photo of Ms. Bodner Hello - Thanks for visiting! This year I'm teaching Geometry, my favorite type of math. I came to teaching a bit later than usual: after working in Europe and traveling around the world in my 20s, I studied for my degree in Soil Science from Penn State, then moved out west to work in a research laboratory developing ways to remediate soils depleted by coal mining in Southwest Washington. Next, I worked twelve years in the wine industry, then returned to school to redo my math courses and earn my teaching certificate. This is my 10th year at CHS and my 20th in education. In my spare time I play violin in the Cascade Symphony Orchestra (Cascade is a popular name!), based in Edmonds. I'm also the proud mother of Lars, a political strategist in California. In addition to music and math, my interests include languages, travel, and reading.

    THE BEST WAY TO REACH ME IS BY EMAIL: cbodner@everettsd.org

    During class hours: Call the office (385-6000) to have your message delivered to my classroom.
    Before or after school: Classroom: 385-6116 

    Do you want to be a great Geometry student this year? Here are three tips:
       1. Attend class every day, and arrive BEFORE class starts. 
       2. Pay attention, try every problem, and ask your questions immediately.
           Confusion is not an option!
       3. Get PLENTY OF SLEEP. Turn off your electronics 30 minutes before you turn out the lights.
            Read, listen to music, or let your mind drift!  
         Get to class!                         I'd better ask her to repeat that!                          Image result for teenager sleeping 

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