Welcome to Mrs. Erickson 5th Highly Capable Class

  • MS. Erickson Hello 5th grade HC students and families!

    I hope all is well with each of you continue to stay safe and healthy.  Please look for updates on this website regularly.  The virtual tools that we will use most during the school closure will be those that students are already familiar with and will likely include Google Classroom, AR, i-Ready and Canvas.

    As I am sure you've heard by now, school buildings are closed for the remainder of the school year.  Learning will continue, however, and I will do everything I can to engage your child in new learning and review over the remainder of this school year.  I am here for you, parents, as you navigate the many strategies at your fingertips to help keep your kids motivated to learn and grow.  You know you can contact me via email at any time, and I'll do what I can to answer your questions.  While plans are still developing, my current and continuing plan is to post weekly tasks for students to access.  At this time, please understand that the goal is student engagement throughout the length of the closure, and that there will be ongoing assessment and feedback, but no graded work or teacher-monitored time on-task or online.  I will create a way for your child to check in with our class each school day morning (please encourage them do check-in with me each day), and I will be available throughout the day to interact and respond with students as groups and one-on-one using Zoom, Google Classroom, and other online means.  My hope is that students will do some learning each day, will pursue their interests and develop their skills, and will take some time between learning tasks to rest, to play, and to connect with loved ones away from books and screens.  

    Please continue to look for a weekly email and learning schedule from me, and email me any time when you have questions, concerns, or news to share.  Trust that I will be looking for ways to connect with each student and provide choices and inspiration to continue learning!

    Char Erickson . 5th Grade Highly Capable . cerickson@everettsd.org