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    February, 2019
    Dear Parents, Students and Guardians- February Greetings. What a crazy month it has been so far! I will highlight what we will be doing this month. We are going to work very hard in the few weeks to master the elements of argumentation. This involves learning the academic vocabulary and reading different argumentative texts and essays.
    Next week students will be shown the two district websites to use for research. They will read to find a topic that interests them. After selecting a topic that has different viewpoints, they will write a claim statement. After that they will create an outline for an argumentative essay. They will read a minimum of three articles on their topic and take notes. They will then write the first draft. This essay requires in class reading and note taking. If a student should fall behind, they do have the option to work at home.
    After proofreading, students will submit the final essay in Google Classroom. The final essay will be a summative grade. They will also receive credit for completion of the outline and note-taking packet. This is a great essay to practice careful reading of non-fiction texts, note-taking, and correctly citing text evidence. Last, they must cite their sources using MLA citation format.
    Mystery Book reports are due this week. The next book genre is classic. I describe a classic book as a book that stands the test of time. All Harry Potter books, Hunger Games, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Hatchet- these are just a sample of the many classic books floating around! 
    7th Grade students will be meeting their Battle of the Bestseller groups next Tuesday. Their goal is to read five books befoire the battle which should take place in early June.
    8th grade students will also be working on a short personal narrative that can be used to make a video! I am piloting WeVideo with this group of students. This project will span several weeks.
    Thank-you for sending your students to school well-prepared to learn. Ms Seamon