Welcome to Ms. Dorst's Class

  • Shiela Dorst         Hello!  This is my third year teaching 3rd grade at Madison.  I look forward to new learning in this year of changes.  

             Sheila Dorst


             UPDATE: 3-31-20

              Please be sure to read/listen to Mrs. Overly's message about Chromebooks.  If you don't have one, you need to let her know today, by 2 PM.  The Chromebooks will be available for pickup on Thursday at Madison.  There is a limit of one per family.  I hope everyone can join together on line!!! 




       UPDATE: 3-30

             Happy Monday!  If you are having trouble accessing our Google Classroom, click on "Google Classroom from home" on the left.  Follow the instructions.  I have added quite a bit to this site, including a great video of Mrs. Kriegel's dog doing math!  Please use the comment feature to let me know if you have questions about an assignment, or want to share ideas for new activities.  Also, please click on "Interesting Web Resources" and add to our Padlet - thank you if you have done this!


                                                       UPDATE 3-26

              TGIF!  It feels sort of strange to say that since my days are pretty much the same now.  Still, weekends are for fun, right?  So, do                       something different.  Go to our Padlet under "Interesting Web Resources," and post something positive!   I also added a link to Mrs. Lysen's website - she would love a "visit!"    

                                   I've been following your activities on iReady, Prodigy, AR, Reflex and Google Classroom.  It's fun to see all you are doing, so keep it up.  Remember,                                        iReady is the best resource for lessons that are tailored to your individual needs.  The program will adjust up or down, based on passing lessons at 80%                                  or greater.  Check out Google Classroom, too.  You can go ahead and do any assignment, just remember to "submit."  I will be adding more assignments                                  every few days.  

                                    Keep in touch - I miss you all very much!  You can always email me with any questions, concerns, or just to chat.  I check several times a day, and I will                                  get back to you.