Visual Arts

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    10 Lessons the Arts Teach

    Visual Arts programs in Everett Public Schools emphasize the Four C's of Art, while giving students the opportunity to work with a wide variety of methods and media. 

    Developing artistic skill and control over art tools and materials through deliberation and attention to detail.
    Intentionally organizing art elements using the art principles to create a visually unified design.
    Applying art knowledge and skill to express, identify, and evaluate ideas and feelings in artwork.
    Creative Process
    Solving problems and expressing ideas in unique and personal ways.

    The creative process includes:

    Develop Your Perceptions: Thinking about Experience

    • Recognize your aesthetic responses to the world
    • Pursue your interests through study, play, and work experiences
    • Foster relationships that strengthen you
    • Think about and analyze your experiences

    Gather Ideas: Thinking of Possibilities

    • Brainstorm to solve problems
    • Research to look for ideas in the work of others
    • Think about and discuss your ideas
    • Write and sketch your ideas

    Practice: Refining Your Work

    • Select ideas for development
    • Create detailed sketches/drafts
    • Organize materials and plan time to use them
    • Practice techniques
    • Get suggestions and help from others

    Create: Making Your Product

    • Select your best idea for development
    • Plan your time to meet deadlines
    • Utilize techniques well
    • Revise work as needed to achieve goals of your project
    • Finish your work

    Present: Sharing Your Work

    • Respect your work and the time and effort you put into it
    • Mount/mat your work for display
    • Show your work to friends and family

    Reflect: Evaluating Your Work

    • Self-evaluate your work honestly
    • Reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of the work
    • Think about what you learned
    • Think about what you need to learn/do better to improve your work



    For questions regarding the Everett Public Schools Visual Arts Program, please contact:

    Georgia Lindquist, Director, K-12 Literacy and Humanities

    Jeniffer Pitharoulis, Humanities & Literacy Facilitator

    Beth Shipe, Humanities & Literacy Facilitator