• This thirty-four ( ! ) page document covers the entire 2017-2018 school year.   2017.2018.APUSH.Syllabus

    General course guidelines ( p. 1-6 ), followed by Units 1 - 14, and Periods 1-9 ( p. 7-31 ). These are followed by late 2nd semester, post-national exam activities, exercises, and projects ( p. 32-34 ).
    An important thing to keep in mind when reviewing each of these documents is that each content unit describes the historical thinking skills and course themes that will be covered.  Each unit also accounts for the extent of what
    can be assigned.  That said, this edition of the syllabus does not describe all that will be assigned.  The best way to keep track of up-to-date course features will remain a.) the online course calendar, and b.) the student's on-line grade program.
    For an accurate schedule of the Historical Period quiz schedule, see this separate link [ forthcoming ]:  
    Remember that this link will not be changed to reflect the most up-to-date information regarding quizzes ( that information will be displayed on the course's online calendar )

    Finally note that if anything is added to any given week's assignment list which is not displayed in the .pdf version of a syllabus sectionat least one possible assignment which is displayed there will be removed from the week or unit in question.  This is sure to happen, as each year there will be numerous new readings assigned that prior APUSH students have not been exposed to. Things stay more fresh for all concerned that way.