• Course Overview

    AP Government is a challenging class and places demands upon students equivalent to those of a full year introductory college survey level Political Science course. As a result, success requires a level of participation, diligence, commitment, effort, and autonomy beyond the ordinary high school expectations. The course will follow the College Board's Advanced Placement U.S. Government curriculum and is designed to prepare you to take (and pass) the AP U.S. Government Exam which enables you to receive college credit  In addition to the AP Government Curriculum the course will provide students an opportunity to meet the graduation requirement for completing the new District College and Career Readiness Seminar Curriculum.

    AP Government provides an analytical perspective on US government and involves both the study of general concepts used to interpret American politics and the detailed examination of specific case studies. Specific attention will be paid to the various institutions, groups, beliefs, and ideas that constitute US political reality. The objective of the course is to develop a detailed student understanding of the core values and principles of US democracy, purposes and organization of governments and laws, purposes and practices of international relations and US foreign policy, the rights and responsibilities of citizens and the principles of democratic civic involvement, and the relevant influences on government decision making.

    Classes will consist of lecture and classroom discussion. In addition to the material covered from the assigned text, students will also be expected to be familiar with current developments pertaining to political issues and events. In addition to assignments from the text there will be monthly Current Event Assignments, as well as occasional supplemental readings and videos that will be discussed in class.


    Classroom Expectations 

    This course requires you to not only have a desire to be successful, but make a serious commitment to being successful. In order for us all to be as successful as possible, you will be expected to conduct yourself in a responsible, respectful, and appropriate manner at all times and you will be held accountable for your actions. Students must be motivated, self-directed learners and can expect 5-8 hours of homework per week. Not all the material that students will be assessed on will be covered in class, so it is extremely important to complete the homework assignments and take detailed notes. I encourage you to work with your peers to facilitate your understanding of the material.


    Classroom Procedures

    To make sure we use the time we have together efficiently and achieve the maximum amount of learning, you will have to be aware of and follow a few simple classroom procedures.

    -Arrive to class on time and prepared.

    -Personal items that do not directly relate or contribute to the class are prohibited.

    -Assignments require complete heading…Name, Class, Period, Date, and Title.

    -All assignments are to be turned in in hard copy format and completed in ink (black or blue only). Multiple page assignments are to be stapled together and work without a name will not be graded. Work that appears to be plagiarized (either in part or in its entirety) will receive no credit

    -Assignments are to be turned in when due. Except in the case of excused absences there is no late work accepted. In the event you are absent, upon your return it is your responsibility to check to see what work you missed. In the event an assignment is due on a day you are absent (and was assigned prior to your absence) it is due the next day you return to class.

    -Modified or alternate assignments will be developed in the case of an extended or long term absence (in excess of 3-5 days). In the event of extenuating circumstances, you must contact me in advance in order to discuss the option of an extension on an assignment.

    -Students in AP Government bear the brunt of responsibility for their learning and will have to take a very active, if not proactive role in their mastery of the material. If you find yourself struggling I will be available before and after school to provide assistance provided you have coordinated with me in advance. Additionally, important information will be posted to my school classroom website which can be accessed via the school's website.

    -College and Career Readiness Seminar  requirements will be met primarily by working independently outside of class and will be tracked separately from students' AP Government grades.  Satisfactory progress towards meeting the required standards is required to graduate and avoid being re-scheduled into a "formal" College and Career Readiness Seminar Class.

    Course Requirements 

    1. Regular Classroom Attendance and Participation
    2. Successful Demonstration of Knowledge and Comprehension of Course Material via Formal and Informal Assessments (Formative and Summative)

            -In Class and Homework Assignments

            -Chapter Quizzes and Unit Tests

         3. Satisfactory Completion of the (1) Semester Book Report ea Semester.

         4. Satisfactory Completion of the (1) Mid-Term nd (1) Semester Proj and Cumulative Semester Final ea Semester.
    1. Satisfactory Completion of the Classroom Based Assessment (CBA).




    -Students who earn less than 70% on a test or major assignment may re-submit the assignment with "corrections", but may not earn more than 70% on the re-submission.

    -In addition to assigned work, classroom participation will account for 10% of your grade.

    -There will be no Extra Credit or Remedial assignments available, so you will need to make the maximum effort possible to maintain your grades throughout the course.

    -Daily assignments and Homework will normally be worth 10 points. Quizzes and tests normally will be worth between 25-50 and 50-100 points respectively. Assignments other than quizzes and tests will be graded using a generic 5 Point Rubric or grading criteria developed specifically for that assignment.

    -College and Career Readiness Seminar assignments will be graded either "Credit" or "No Credit" and students will receive either a final grade of either "Satisfactory" or "Un-Satisfactory" indicating whether they have or have not met the requirements for graduation.



    5 Points (Outstanding) Shows exceptional understanding. Complete and extremely well thought out. Includes supporting details as well as indicates extension of other learning and/or original thought.

    4 Points (Above Average) Shows thorough understanding. Complete and well thought out. Includes supporting details which completely support the point being made.

    3 Points (Average) Shows general understanding. Complete and reasonably well thought out. Majority of points supported by details.

    2 Points (Below Average) Shows incomplete understanding. Requires more thoroughness and/or lacks supporting details.

    1 Point (Unsatisfactory)Indicates significant lack of understanding. Incomplete and/or lacks supporting details.