Accelerated Reader

  • Ar is available for all students. Star Testing is only available K-2.


    Accelerated Reader (A.R.)
    at Penny Creek

    Accelerated Reader at Penny Creek encourages independent reading in every 1st through 5th grade class. A.R. is an extension to the reading being taught in the classroom. A.R. books in our library are flagged by a colorful dot on the spine of the book.
    A.R. is available in all Everett Public Schools.
    Accelerated Reader and STAR Reading use the power of computer technology to help motivate, monitor and guide independent student reading practice. AR helps match kids to appropriate books within their zone of proximal development (ZPD). Students read AR books independently and the ZPD is a level for recreational reading.

    The STAR Reading on our computers is an assessment given to each student at 3 intervals during the school year, September, January and June. Teachers use the test results, other reading tests and their professional judgment to determine the appropriate A.R. level of challenge for each child.

    Accelerated Reader Questions & Answers
    Q."I have tons of books at home, but how can I tell if they have an AR quiz available at school, or what AR level they are?" 

     You can visit the AR BookFinder™ at to conduct a search of all available books with AR quizzes. The library card catalog at Penny Creek will also tell you if a book we have has a quiz available.

    Q. "Can I find AR books for my student at a public library?"
    A. Yes, but they will not be identified by the dots as they are in our library. You will need to go to to see if there is a quiz for a book. 
    At Penny Creek, most of the AR books in our library have dots on the spine to indicate the AR level. Students can look at the shelf and see their AR level/dot color right away. Here are the dot colors and levels we use at Penny Creek.

    level 1.0 -1.9

    1. Student Reads a Book.
      Students choose a book at their level and read it at their own pace. The Penny Creek Library has more than 6,000 books that have A.R. quizzes. The A.R. books have color dots indicating the reading level, on the spine, so students can quickly spot a book at their level.
    2. Student Takes a Quiz on the Computer.
      Students can easily click into The Accelerated Reader Program using classroom computers when ready for an A.R. quiz. These quizzes are motivational because they ensure a successful, positive experience if the student has read a book at the proper reading level.
    3. Student and Teacher Get Information!
      Quiz results are displayed at the end of the quiz, so students get immediate feedback. Teachers use the quiz results to direct ongoing reading practice.

    The STAR Reading Assessment
    helps teachers determine the appropriate A.R. level of challenge for each child.

    1. Student takes the computerized STAR test. Questions continually adjust to each student's response pattern. The STAR Software will determine what question will be displayed next, based on the accuracy and speed of the answer. Tests can take as little as 10 minutes and can have up to 25 questions.

    2. Teachers get results.
      When testing is complete, STAR Reading provides many reports to help the teacher instantly place new students and identify those who need individual help.

    3. Teachers match the student with appropriate books. STAR Reading makes it easier to match students with books that will challenge them without frustrating them.



    All-new STAR Reading Assessment combines brief,
    in-context vocabulary items with new authentic text
    passage items to help pinpoint students' reading
    levels more accurately.

    Sample: In-context Vocabulary Question.

    Students choose from a brief list of words to answer
    in-context vocabulary questions. Any student with at
    least a 100-word reading vocabulary can take a test.

            Sample: Authentic Text Passage 
    Sample in-context vocabulary question.Sample authentic text question.