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     The Heir  Kiera Cass
     The Radius of Us  Young Adult  Marie Marquardt
    Princess of the Midnight Ball Jessica George
    Both Sides of Time

    Caroline Cooney

    All American Girl Meg Cabot
    Thwonk Paul Stewart
    Kazunomiya: A Prisoner Heaven Ursula Le Guin

    Gail C. Levine

    The Squires Tale Gerald Morris
    House of the Seven Gables N. Hawthorne
    Love Stargirl Jerry Spinelli
    The Voyage of the Continental K. Kirkpatric
    Anastasia at this Address Lois Lowery
    Hurricane Elaine Johanna Hurwitz
    Dither Farm Sid Hite
    The Silver Swan Horace Gregory
    Becca's Story James Forman
    Faded Love John R. Erickson
    Absolutely Normal Chaos Sharon Creech
    Sapphire Pendant Audrey Beyer
    Chance of a Lifetime Jennie Abbott
    The Dark Tower Dairine Coffey
    Under the Watson's Porch Susan Shreve
    Aquamarine Alice Hoffman