Humorous Fiction


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    Supergifted Gordon Korman
    Frogkisser Garth Nix
    Squirm Carl Hiaasen
    Sweet Treats and Secret Crushes Lisa Greenwald
    The Last Boy at St. Edith's Lee Gjersten Malone
    Margot and Mateo Save the World Darcy Miller
    Dead end in Norvelt Jack Gantos
    Absolutely Normal Chaos Sharon Creech
    Thwonk Joan Bauer
    A Long Way from Chicago Richard Peck
    Hit the Road Caroline Cooney
    The Schernoff Discoveries Gary Paulsen
    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Douglas Adams
    No More Dead Dogs Gordon Korman
    Oddballs- stories William Sleator
    There's a Boy in the Girls... Louis Sachar
    Holes Louis Sachar
    Scooby Doo2 Howard Dewin
    The Fall of Fergal Philip Ardagh
    House Called Awful End Philip Ardagh
    Peter and the Shadow Thieves David Barry
    Alice in Wonderland Lewis Carroll
    Peter and the Star Catchers David Barry
    Wayside School Louis Sachar
    Life as a Fifth-Grade Comedian Elizabeth Levy
    Dealing with Dragons Patricia Wrede
    Losing Joe's Place Gordon Korman
    Princess in Pink Meg Cabot
    Maxx Comedy Gordon Korman
    Book of Aliens Bruce Coville