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    After the Shot Drops Randy Ribay
    Checked  Cynthia Kadohata
    Lu Jason Reynolds
    Rebound Kwame Alexander
    No Slam Dunk Mike Lupica
    The Underdogs Mike Lupica
    The Moves Make the Man Bruce Brooks
    Outside Shot Walter D. Myers
    The Runner Cynthia Voight
    Hitmen Triumph S. Brouwer
    Titan Clash S. Brouwer
    Vanishing Act John Feinstein
    Football Genius Tim Green
    Athletic Shorts Chris Crutcher
    Dive Right In Matt Christopher
    Heat Mike Lupica
    Game Walter D. Myers
    Emergency Quarterback Rich Wallace
    Million Dollar Throw Mike Lupica
    Summer Ball Mike Lupica
    Last Shot John Feinstein
    Miracle on 49th Street Mike Lupica
    Curve Ball Rich Wallace
    Cover Up John Feinstein
    Change Up John Feinstein
    Absolute Pressure S. Brouwer
    Football Champ Tim Green