Non Fiction- Top Rated

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     Most Dangerous Steve Sheinkin
     The Boys Who Challenged Hitler-Knud Peterson and the Churchill Club Phillip Hoose
      The Boys in the BoatDaniel Brown
     Fatal Fever- Tracking Down Typhoid Mary Gail Jarrow
     Tommy- The Gun That Changed America Karen Blumenthal
    Battle of the Bulge
     Rick Atkinson
    Iron Rails, Iron Men and the Race to Link the Nation
     Martin W. Sandler
     Hitler's Last Days Bill O'Reilly
     Courage and Defiance Deborah Hopkinson
    The Book of BloodHP Newquist
    Bomb      Steve Sheinkin
    For the Love of DogsAllison Weiss Entrekin
    Fourth Down and Inches-Concussions and Football's Make or Break MomentCarla Killough McClafferty
    Lincoln's Grave RobbersSteve Sheinkin
    A Black Hole is Not a Hole   Carolyn Cinami DeCristofano
    13 Planets- Latest View Solar SystemDavid Aguilar
    We Are the Ship   Kadir Nelson
    MoonShot- Flight of Apollo 11      Brian Floca
    Moonbird- A Year on the Wind Phillip Hoose
    How to Draw Fast Cars, Monsters/JetsChristopher Hart
    They CallThemselves the KKKSusan Bartoletti
    John Lennon- a photo biographyElizabeth Partridge
    Faithful Elephants true story of warYukio Tsuchiya
    Around the World3 remarkable tripsMatt Phelan
    Within Reach- My Mt. Everest StoryMark Pfetzer
    Requiem: poems of Terezin GhettoPaul Janeczko
    Titanic Sinks !Barry Denenberg
    Terezin: voice from the HolocaustRuth Thomson
    Saga of the SiouxDwight Zimmerman
    Phineas Gage- gruesome but true John Fleischman