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    Cool SalsaLori Carlson
    Cremation of Sam McGeeRobert Service
    Extra Innings: Baseball PoemsLee B. Hopkins
    A Light in the AtticShel Silverstein
    Shakespeare Bats Clean UpRonKoertge
    Hailstones and Halibut BonesMary Le Duc O'Neil
    Heart to HeartJan Greenberg- Editor
    Poems for Seasons and CelebrationsWilliam Cole
    Truth and Lies-an anthology of poemsPatrice Vecchine
    Requiem: Poems fo the Terezin GhettoPaul Janeczko
    Technically it not my FaultJohn Grandits
    Split ImageMel Glenn
    Fire in My HandsGary Soto
    Where the Sidewalk EndsShel Silverstein
    Love That DogSharon Creech
    100 Best Poems of All TimeLeslie Pockell- Editor
    Joyful Noise-poems for two VoicesPaul Fleischman
    Poetry Matterswriting a poem from the inside outRalph Fletcher
    Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy EveningRobert Frost
    Out of the DustKaren Hesse
    Blues JourneyWalter Dean Myers
    Peeling the Onion- an anthology of pomesRuth Gordon