Biographies and more


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    Ten Days a Mad Woman  Deborah Noyes
    Samurai Rising-Epic Life of Minamoto Toshitsune  Pamela Turner
    The Trouble in Me   Jack Gantos
     Breakaway, Beyond the Goal  Alex Morgan
     This Star Won't Go Out  Esther Grace Earl
    Katie Courie Rachel Koestler- Grack
    Phineas Gage John Fleischman
    Steve Jobs: The Mind Behind Apple Anthony Imbimbo
    Elvis Presley Kathleen Tracy
    Escape! Story of Houdini Sid Fleischman
    Shipwrecked at the Bottom of the World Jennifer Armstrong
    Mia Hamm Joan Axelrod-Contrada
    Hillary Rodham Clinton Jill C. Wheeler
    Jeff Gordon Dick Brinster
    A Hole in My Life Jack Gantos
    Zlata's Diary Zlata Filipovic
    Voyage of the Continental Katherine Kirkpatrick
    Tell the Children Our Story Tanya Bolden
    My Thirteenth Winter Samantha Aheel
    The Greatest: Muhammad Ali Walter Dean Myers
    Lance Armstrong- a biography Bill Gutman
    Kobe Bryant Jeff Savage
    Red Scarf Girl Ji-Li Jiang
    Caught by the Sea Gary Paulsen
    My Life in Dog Years Gary Paulsen
    Ellen Ochoa-Hispanic Astronaut Joy Paige
    Elie Wiesel- Witness for Humanity Rachel Koestler-Grack
    Che Guevara Samuel Willard Crompton
    Christopher Paul Curtis Judy Levin
    Jeff Bezos Judy Garty
    Albert Einstein Tabatha Yeatts
    Jesse James Carl Green