Biographies and more


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    The Wright Brothers- Nose Diving  Erik Slader
     Breakaway, Beyond the Goal  Alex Morgan
     Bad Princess   Kris Waldherr
    Ten Days a Mad Woman  Deborah Noyes
    Samurai Rising-Epic Life of Minamoto Toshitsune  Pamela Turner
    The Trouble in Me   Jack Gantos
    The Great Escape  Neal Bascomb
     This Star Won't Go Out  Esther Grace Earl
    Katie Courie Rachel Koestler- Grack
    Phineas Gage John Fleischman
    Steve Jobs: The Mind Behind Apple Anthony Imbimbo
    Elvis Presley Kathleen Tracy
    Escape! Story of Houdini Sid Fleischman
    Shipwrecked at the Bottom of the World Jennifer Armstrong
    Mia Hamm Joan Axelrod-Contrada
    Hillary Rodham Clinton Jill C. Wheeler
    Jeff Gordon Dick Brinster
    A Hole in My Life Jack Gantos
    Zlata's Diary Zlata Filipovic
    Voyage of the Continental Katherine Kirkpatrick
    Tell the Children Our Story Tanya Bolden
    My Thirteenth Winter Samantha Aheel
    The Greatest: Muhammad Ali Walter Dean Myers
    Lance Armstrong- a biography Bill Gutman
    Kobe Bryant Jeff Savage
    Red Scarf Girl Ji-Li Jiang
    Caught by the Sea Gary Paulsen
    My Life in Dog Years Gary Paulsen
    Ellen Ochoa-Hispanic Astronaut Joy Paige
    Elie Wiesel- Witness for Humanity Rachel Koestler-Grack
    Che Guevara Samuel Willard Crompton
    Christopher Paul Curtis Judy Levin
    Jeff Bezos Judy Garty
    Albert Einstein Tabatha Yeatts
    Jesse James Carl Green