• School Menu

    Breakfast and/or Lunches are available every school day at Forest View.
    Regular price for breakfast is $1.00 and lunch is $2.50 (Breakfast is served 8:55 AM - 9:10 AM daily)
    • Milk, 8 oz., chocolate or white: $.55
    • Fruit juice (4 oz.): $.55
    • Snacks: Cookie: $.35 or Ice cream: $.85 (snacks are not available every day)

    Here are two ways to pay for breakfasts or lunches:

    • Your student can bring cash or a check to school with your student's ID number noted. Make checks payable to Everett Public Schools.
    • You can prepay online www.mealpayplus.com You register with your email address and use a Visa, Mastercard or bank account number to deposit money into your student's lunch account. You need your student's school ID number along with your email address and credit card information.