• Project: Making a Sing-Along video (WINDOWS XP)

    Materials needed: Music


    Background Photo(s)/Picture(s)


    Flash Drive(the above materials loaded)



    1. Plug in your Flash Drive into a USB port.

    2. Open up Windows Movie Maker from the START Menu. You can find the program in the ALL PROGRAMS.

    3. Import your Music and Background onto the working space by Importing Audio and Importing Pictures. A pop-up window will prompt you to import your file. You need to search for your files on your Flash Drive. Click on My Computer to search for your Flash Drive. It should be one of the removable disks. When you double-click on the selected disks, it should open up the files on your Flash Drive. If the selected disks is not the correct one, back-click to My Computer. When you find the correct file, click on it to upload.

    4. Drag your Background to the very beginning of the Timeline.

    5. Drag your Music to the 0:00:00:05 mark so that your Music will start after 5 seconds of the start of the clip.

    6. Type in the Title and Song Artiste by clicking on Make titles… Select Add title at the beginning. Type in the pop-up window that pops up.

    7. If you want to change backgrounds, import more background pictures and then drag them to fill up the Music timeline. Otherwise drag the ending marker of your background and stretch it till the end.

    8. Type in the lyrics by clicking on Make titles… Select Add title on the selected clip. Type in the pop-up window that pops up. You should type no more than 2 lines of a verse each time to space out the lyrics to follow the music.

    9. Make sure that the typed lyrics appear slightly ahead of the singing on the music as you will need to be able to read ahead to sing together with the singer. You can move the text box by dragging it to synchronize with the music.

    10. Repeat the above steps until song is finished.

    11. Add Ending Credits with Your Name so that we'll know whose work it is.


    1. If you are NOT DONE with your project, you need to save it as SAVE PROJECT. You can then reopen it in Windows Movie Maker to keep working on it. If you save it as a Movie, you cannot edit it anymore without redoing the whole thing.
    2. When you save, make sure that it is SAVED ONTO YOUR FLASH DRIVE. Click on MY COMPUTER and select the removable disk that is your Flash Drive. This is so that you can take the Flash Drive and plug into another computer to work with at home or any place else.
    3. If you are DONE with your project, make sure that you save both a PROJECT copy and also a MOVIE FILE. This is just in case you may still want to edit your Project. Once it's saved as a Movie, you cannot edit it anymore without redoing the whole thing.
    4. Bring your Flash Drive to class and give it to me to make a copy. Thank you for your work.