— MR. LIM

    Heatherwood Code of Conduct:

    Be respectful; Act Responsibly; Be Part of the Solution


    Welcome to general music at Heatherwood Middle School! This 12-week course will provide you with an introduction and varied perspective to the general applications of music in our world. We will explore the theoretical, practical, historical, cultural, vocational and performance aspects of music. The curriculum is outlined as follows:-

    Week 1: Music note-reading, instruments, groups, and ensembles

    Week 2/3: History and music appreciation — Historical overview, Middle Ages

    Week 3/4: History and music appreciation — Renaissance

    Week 5: History and music appreciation — Baroque and Bach

    Week 6/7: History and music appreciation — Classical, Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven

    Week 7/8: History and music appreciation — Romantic, Brahms, Wagner and Tchaikovsky

    Week 9: History and music appreciation — 20th Century to present, Schoenberg, Ives, movie

    soundtracks, etc.

    Week 10: Project presentations/Explorative activities

    Week 11: Ethnomusic around the world

    Week 11/12: History of Pop Music/Rock n' Roll

    Week 12: Summary and concluding activities


    Throughout this class, students will be expected to take notes of lessons and participate in all classroom activities. Classroom activities will include discussions, playing instruments and singing. There will be a culminating project for this class to demonstrate students' learning and understanding of materials covered in class.


    6th Grade: 2+-page expository essay on music history with sharing activity in class; OR

    2+-page expository essay on composer biography with sharing activity in class; OR

    2+-page expository essay on music appreciation with sharing activity in class; OR

    1-cover page + copy of the music explaining performance with music performance for class; instrumental or vocal. Vocal performances should have Karaoke accompaniment tracks or other instrumental accompaniment.

    Other options will need to be discussed with Mr. Lim/Mr. Brodin prior to assignment

    being due.



    Classroom Participation 60%

    Culminating Project 20%

    Quizzes/ Assignments 20%


    Grades: A 90-100%

    B 80-89.9%

    C 70-79.9%

    D 60-69.9%

    F < 60%


    Please feel free to call at (425)385-6462 or email at jlim@everettsd.org if you have any questions or concerns.