General Format:

    Papers should have name, date, class period typed at top. All papers should be typed with size-12 point fonts and the lines double-spaced. References or sources of information that you used and researched should be cited at the end of the paper. Papers that plagiarize or copy information without giving citation credit will be penalized and may result in failing grade. Modifications or alterations to referenced sources do not constitute own original work!!!

    Project Paper:

    Research your project carefully and write a minimum 2-page expository essay on it. Paper should be typed with size 12-point font and lines double-spaced. Historical/Biographical essays need to include dates of important events, names of significant places, names of significant performances/compositions. Music appreciation essays need to address musical elements of melody, rhythm, music style/genre, lyrics (if applicable) and historical context.

    DUE: May 24th, 2013. Project Paper AND Bullet-point Rough Draft AND 1st Draft

    Suggested Procedure:

    1. Decide on subject/topic

    2. Research online or books, discuss with adult, etc.

    3. Write outline of paper with bullet-points

    4. Fill out bullet-points into proper sentences and even out into paragraphs.

    5. Type out paper with Name/Date/Class at TOP (top of paper) and with references cited at end of paper.


    -2+-page expository essay on music history with sharing activity in class; OR

    -2+-page expository essay on composer biography with sharing activity in class; OR

    -2+-page expository essay on music appreciation with sharing activity in class; OR

    -1-cover page + copy of the music explaining performance with music performance for class; instrumental or vocal. Vocal performances should have Karaoke accompaniment tracks or other instrumental accompaniment.

    -original music composition (minimum 32 measures or 2 minutes) and with sharing activity in class.

    For other options, please consult Mr. Lim before starting work on the project.

    Grading Guidelines:

    Papers will be graded on content and use of appropriate musical terminology. Papers should demonstrate the research and effort in producing a high-quality and informative essay. References should be cited at the end of the paper. Minimum of two references are required. Papers without proper references/citations may not receive maximum points for the assignment. Care should be given to correct spelling, grammar and punctuations. Plagiarized, adapted, modified, altered or copied work without giving due credit or citation will be penalized accordingly. Your rough draft should mirror your final paper. Papers without bullet-point rough drafts will not receive full credit.