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    THE HEATHERWOOD CHOIR PROGRAM forms a vital and important part of the total middle school experience. This group represents a large, colorful, visible, and highly disciplined segment of the school groups.

    The main emphasis of the choir program is on musicianship and the pride of accomplishment, followed closely by citizenship, tradition, morale, spirit, and loyalty.It is the pride of a job well done and the accomplishments achieved that make the sacrifices worthwhile.It is possible, by setting your schedule in a reasonable manner, to have a highly successful choral career and still maintain high scholastic standing. The success of the organization will lead to the success of the individual and vice versa.

    The Heatherwood Choir program offers students an opportunity to perform and sing in concert performances at school and various other venues.Students are encouraged to explore their creativity through the aesthetic communication of various styles of choral music

    Vocal Production-Consistent tone; breathing through a phrase; intonation;
    vowel placements; diction; etc.
    Rehearsal techniques and strategies- Effort; focus and concentration; listening; teamwork; etc.
    Tonal Blend-harmony; balance; a cappella; etc.
    Musical Aesthetic and Stylistic Elements of Singing - Phrasing; dynamics; tone quality; balance; etc.
    Concert Etiquette-Posture; focus and concentration; quiet listening; etc.
    Listening Skills-Aural discrimination; recall; critical analysis of
    Music Theory -Note reading; rhythmic dictation; melodic dictation; etc.
    Music History-Biographies; contextual information on music; etc.
    Various Styles of Music Selections-Baroque; Classical; Contemporary; Broadway; Jazz; etc.


    The Heatherwood Choir program is a year-long course. Students are expected to show effort in daily rehearsals and working as a team.Listening and following directions are important to building and developing the choir.Selections of music are chosen to compliment the skills and proficiencies of the various choral groups, not to student expectations of Top 40s.This year, we have two choir classes:- Concert Choir and Select Choir. The Heatherwood Choir performs three evening concerts throughout the year, in addition to various field trips and festivals, etc. Students are expected to attend all scheduled performances unless excused/pre-arranged with teacher.

    Concert Choir - Open to all students (no previous choir experience necessary)

    Select Choir — Previous choir experience required or by audition; teacher approval needed

    Select Ensembles - Made up of interested music students

    Soloists - Audition and demonstration of adequate proficiency

    Choral Directors at Heatherwood Middle School are Mr. Jerry Lim and Mrs. Melanie West

    Choral Director at Jackson High School is Mrs. Janet Hitt