• Choir Classroom Rules and Procedures


    It is my duty to keep a safe learning environment in the classroom. It is your responsibility as a choir member to contribute the best you have to offer to the classroom. Remember, all classroom rules supplement the school rules. All rules apply to outside school activities. To help us learn and do our best, the following is a list of classroom rules:


    1) Chewing gum is not allowed by school and classroom rules.


    2) Students will need to sign out and use a Hall Pass to be excused from classroom. One student may be excused at a time. Take care not to disrupt the rest of the class as you enter or leave the classroom (e.g. letting the door slam).


    3) Hats are not allowed in the building


    4) Do not disrupt the class. Since disruptions affect others, this is the rule I emphasize. Disruptions include blurting out, talking out without being called on, making extra and non-constructive comments, asking questions that are off-topic, being argumentative, talking while the teacher or a fellow student is speaking, being off-task, playing with toys, hitting or harassing your neighbor, profanity, yelling, putting on make-up or ChapStick, making noise outside of the classroom so that it can be heard inside, purposely not singing correctly, and so on... You are old enough to know what is, and is not disruptive. Continued disruptive behavior will result in detention/detentions or office referral. Disruptive behavior will also result in lowered grade.


    Order of Disciplinary Action in the Classroom:

    1) Verbal Warning

    2) 1st Incident - Consequence (i.e. conduct slip, behavior contract, re-direct form,

    lunch/after-school detention, etc.); parent may be notified

    3) 2nd Incident - Consequence with parent notification that problem unresolved

    4) 3rd Incident - Consequence with parent notification that problem still unresolved and will

    result in Office Referral

    5) 4th Incident — Office Referral


    If for any reason, the safety of any person is or will be compromised, immediate removal from class may be carried out without warning.


    Note: Disruptive, non-cooperative behavior for a substitute teacher: 1st Incident-teacher will assign consequence and notify home. Repeated disruptive behavior for a substitute teacher will result in an office referral. All students must serve all detentions. Any student who fails to serve a detention will have the detention doubled. If those detentions are not served, a short-term suspension will be given.



    If you have an unexcused tardy , a Conduct Slip will need to be filled out and this will be referred to the office. You must be in your assigned seat when and after the bell rings, otherwise you will be marked tardy . Tardies and absences do affect your grade negatively. Please consider the consequences of your choices. The decision to be late or on time to class is yours. Please do not spend time socializing in hallways and then rush to class at the very last minute.


    Student Planner :

    The student planners will be used as a means to remind ourselves of upcoming events. A notice will be put on the classroom whiteboard for deadlines/due dates and performances. Please use the student planners to help yourself remember the various important deadlines/due dates/events. Parents wishing to get e-mail notices need to include their e-mail address at the end of the handbook.


    Assignments / Notebook:

    Assignments are due as assigned to facilitate timely grading. Late work due to an excused absence must be turned in on the day of return. Special cases will be considered if arrangements are made with parental contact. You will also need to keep a notebook of lessons and discussions in class.


    Concert Attendance:

    A portion of your grade is dependent on your concert attendance and performance. Please be on time for warm-ups before concert performances. While waiting for your turn to go on stage, students need to sit quietly and be attentive to other group's performances. Poor concert etiquette will result in lowered concert grade. Excused absences are accepted in the event of personal illness or death in the family. Failure to appear at a scheduled practice or performance without proper notice will result in a failing grade for that event . It is impossible to make-up a performance and the other members carry an extra burden because of someone else's inconsideration. Extenuating circumstances should be discussed with the director PRIOR to the event. Make-up assignments will only be given if absences are of a serious nature AND accompanied by a parent letter. Forgetting to show up for a performance is not an acceptable excuse. Transportation problems to performances also need to be resolved by the student prior to the performances. The attendance policy in the Heatherwood Middle School Student Handbook will be utilized and enforced in addition to classroom attendance policies.