• Heatherwood Middle School Choir Grading Procedures


    The following is a simple breakdown of how students will be graded.

    Category Weight

    Classroom Effort and Participation 65%

    Concert/Performance Average 20%

    Notebook/Assignments/Quizzes 15%

    __________________________________ ______________________

    Total 100%

    * Special Education students are exempt from these grading procedures.

    * Extra credit modifiers may be available at the discretion of the director.


    Classroom Participation

    Classroom participation is defined as singing out to be heard; excellent posture while singing; focusing on lesson and not on friends; participating in classroom discussions; working on assignments. Disruptive behavior and over-socializing will result in poor classroom participation grades.

    A 90-100% (Superior) Strong singing; Volunteering; Very straight posture; Not talking back; Very focused.

    B 80-89.9%(Excellent) Singing; Not talking; Cooperating; Not distracted.

    C 70-79.9%(Fair) A little bit of singing; Talking; Distracted.

    F 0-69.9% (Needs work) Not singing; Distracts class; Talking often; Arguing/Talking back; Off-task.


    Performance Average

    Student attendance at a performance, planned rehearsal, or planned function will receive full credit. Poor concert etiquette will result in lowered concert grade. Absences will result in a failing grade for that event. Performances cannot be made up. Parents may discuss special situations PRIOR to the event with the director. Alternate assignments are available for EXCUSED absences.


    Notebook/Assignments/ Quizzes

    Students will need to keep notes of lessons and assignments in class. Periodic notebook checks will determine notebook grade based on neatness, detailed note-taking, and completeness. This can be used to be included in students' portfolio to demonstrate their learning in the choir classroom. Quizzes and assignments will also be given to evaluate students' learning progress.

    100% - Very organized notes; working on theory exercises quietly

    80% - Does not have previous notes; working on theory exercises; some talking while working

    60% - Not prepared for lesson; had to borrow materials; working but not quiet

    40% - Not prepared for lesson; had to be called on to get materials; distracting class

    0% - Not prepared for lesson; no effort to get work done



    A 90-100%

    B 80-89.9%

    C 70-79.9%

    F 0-69.9%

    NOTE: D grades will not be used in the choir classroom as a major portion of the grade is based on daily classroom effort and participation during rehearsals. The nature of our choral program necessitates every student trying their best to achieve a high quality/ standard in performances. The choir is a team-oriented activity and requires every student to participate to the best of their abilities.


    Online Grade Progress

    Grades can be checked online on the school website to review your child's choir classroom grade progress. Please feel free to contact me if there are any concerns about your student's progress.


    Tentatively Scheduled Evening Performances at Heatherwood MS Gym/Cafeteria:

    7-8pm December 4th, 2012(All Choirs); 7-8pm March 11th, 2013 (Concert Choir only);

    7-9pm March TBD, 2013 (Select Choir only); 7-8pm June 11th, 2013 (All Choirs).