• Concert Attire

    The initial impression to any audience is the visual presentation of a choir. The visual aesthetics of our ensemble sets the professional tone and seriousness of the group. Heatherwood Middle School Choirs are expected to sound and look their best on all occasions. Concert dress is important in visually defining the uniformity, discipline, and dedication of our performances. We must provide our ensemble with the best possible attire. Parents must provide the concert dress for their child as well as the audience. Your child will be sharing his/her musicianship to the audience in the best possible way; both vocally and visually.

    We selected and wore formal performance attire last year and will continue to wear the same. If you do not have or have to reorder the concert performance attire, orders will be taken in class by the end of September.

    You will need the following:


    1 black performance dress gown

    1 Pair Black Dress Shoes

    1 Pair Black Socks/Stockings



    1 White Dress Shirt (Oxford)

    1 Black Vest

    1 Black Dress Pants

    1 Pair Black Dress Shoes

    1 Pair Black Socks

    1 Black Belt (optional)

    1 Black Tie (optional)


    For women, nylons may be substituted for black socks.

    For men, belts should have a discreet buckle. Cargo pants, black jeans, boots, sandals, tennis shoes, and high-tops are unacceptable. Casual black shoes may be worn.

    Financial difficulties regarding the purchase of concert attire may be discussed with Mr. Lim in the strictest confidence. The choir has some dresses available for loan. Check for availability.