• Heatherwood Middle School Choirs 2012-13

    Tentative Choir Schedule

    Date: Day: Time: Event:

    Oct. TBD* TBD. TBD Heatherwood Choir Boosters meeting — parent volunteers needed


    Nov. 9 Fri.. 8:30-9:30AM Veteran's Day Assembly; SELECT CHOIR only; Heatherwood Gym


    Dec. 4 Tues. 7-8PM Winter Concert; ALL CHOIRS; Heatherwood MS Gym


    Dec. 11 Tues. 8:30-9:45AM Winter Celebration Assembly, ALL CHOIRS, Heatherwood MS Gym


    Jan. 22* Tues. 6:30 — 8:30PM MPMEA Honor Choir evening rehearsal; Selected 8th grade choir students; School Site TBD (need to provide own transportation)


    Jan. 24* Thurs. 8:20 — 1:45PM MPMEA Honor Choir all-day rehearsal; Selected 8th grade choir students New Life Center, Everett (bus transportation provided/chaperones needed)


    Jan. 24* Thurs. 6:30 — 8:30PM TBD site. Selected 8th grade choir students (need to provide own transportation)


    Feb. 2* Sat. 8AM-5PM MPMEA Solo/Ensemble Festival; Selected choir students; Cascade HS, Everett (need to provide own transportation)


    Feb. TBD TBD TBD Field trips to Mill Creek ES, Cedar Wood ES; and Woodside ES (bus transportation provided/chaperones needed)


    Mar. 11 Mon. 7-8PM Spring Concert; CONCERT CHOIR only ; Heatherwood MS Cafeteria


    Mar. TBD Thurs. TBD (daytime) MPMEA Choir Festival; ALL CHOIRS; New Life Center, Everett(bus transportation provided/chaperones needed)


    Mar. TBD Wed. 6-9PM Bridge Concert; SELECT CHOIR only ; Everett Civic Auditorium, Everett


    May 30 Thurs. 7-8PM Finale Concert; ALL CHOIRS; Heatherwood MS Gym


    June TBD TBD 6:30-8PM 8th Grade Promotion Celebration; SELECT CHOIR ONLY; Heatherwood Gym


    *Optional events. Only selected students participate.

    It is the responsibility of the student to attend and participate in these scheduled events. Please ensure that any conflicts with your personal activities are resolved prior to scheduled performances. Appropriate attire for performances is required to receive full credit for Performance Grade.