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    Playground and cafeteria supervision begins at 8:10 a.m. School Patrols and Crossing Guards are on duty at this time. Students are not to arrive on campus before 8:10. The school does not assume responsibility for supervising students prior to that time.


    Students are to go directly home when the school bell rings at 2:45 for dismissal. Students may return to school grounds after reporting home, but the school staff can assume no responsibility for their supervision. School rules apply while students are on their way to and from school. If you are meeting your child on campus, please arrange with your child to meet you outside at a designated area. Please do not stand outside classroom doors at the end of the school day. This is a serious safety issue.

    Parents must notify teachers with a written note when any changes are planned in a child's leaving school, such as parent pick-up rather than day-care pick-up, or when the child is going home with a friend. If the note has not been provided, the child will follow his/her regular transportation arrangement. Please try to avoid contacting us at the end of the day. The safe arrival home of every child is of our highest concern.

    We discourage early dismissals because we believe that each school experience is valuable to a child; however, we do recognize the need for doctor and dental appointments, and that sometimes emergencies come up. Please come to the school office to request your child and to sign the child out of school. Children will be released only to parents or guardians, or to the designated people listed on the student's information card at the time of registration.


    Children who are bus riders are to ride their assigned bus. Children may not ride a different bus, or get off at a different stop, unless parents have written a request for them to do so. Parent permission notes must be turned in at the school office, and the school secretary will fill out a bus permission slip for the child. Children who ride buses are expected to follow the Everett School District bus riding rules. Children who continually misbehave will receive a bus referral, and may lose their bus riding privileges.

    Student Pick-up and

    Buses line up on Pecks Drive in front of the school at the beginning and end of the day. Please follow the signs posted in these areas, and please do not park in the bus loading zones when picking up your children. Daycare vans will also drop off and pick-up in the bus zone area.

    Students will be picked up and dropped off by parents at Rose Street and East Drive ONLY. Cars will line up along Rose HAVING ENTERED FROM BEVERLY LANE, and proceed to the corner to East Drive and Rose where students will be lined up, ready for pick-up. This is the only area students should be picked up.


    Students in grades three through five may ride their bicycles to school if they are wearing a helmet. They will be expected to walk bikes on school grounds and when crossing the streets, lock bikes in the bike rack. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen bikes.

    School Safety Patrol

    Student safety patrols direct student traffic on Pecks Drive, and adult crossing guards assist children at Beverly and Pecks Drive, and at the intersection of Morgan and Madison streets. All students are to follow the directions of the safety patrol at all times.