Tricks & Hints for MS Apps

  • Excel || PowerPoint ||  Word || Outlook

    Hints and Tricks for Excel

    Change gridline color Click on tools/options/View tab. Click on the color selector and select a new color. OK
    Print Gridlines Click on setup/sheets tab. Put a checkmark on the Gridlines option by selecting it. OK
    Print formulas instead of results Tools/Options/View Tab. Select the formulas option/OK
    Freeze heading for easier scrolling Click the cell below the row you want to lock or to the right of the column you want to lock. Click Window/Freeze Pane. (Excel will add a solid line to set off the frozen headings. Now when you scroll through the worksheet, the row or column headings remain onscreen. To unfreeze, click Window/Unfreeze panes.
    Wrap text into worksheet cells Select the cell that you want the text to wrap. Right-click on that cell. Format Cells/Alignment tab/Select the Wrap Text option/OK. (Excel wraps the text to the next line in the cell and increases the height of the cell row to accommodate the new text line.
    Slant text to make readable or to add visual interest Click the cell or cells containing the text you want to angle. Format/Cells/Alignment/click and orientation marker or type a degree of rotation or use the spin arrows to set a degree.OK. The row height automatically increases to contain the new slanted text.

    Hints and Tricks for PowerPoint

    Save file size by compressing pictures Double-click the picture you want to compress. Click the pictue tab/compresss. Select compression options. (To reduce image resolution, click a resolution option. You can also remove any excess cropping.) OK. Click Apply. PowerPoint compresses the image or all images in the presentation.
    Convert a slide to a bitmap image Click on View/Notes Page/Right click over the slide image and click Copy. Open a new presentation or slide/Paste. Right click over the image/Save as Picture/type a name for this image/save as bitmap or other graphic file format/Save. You can now use this graphic in other programs. You do not need to save the new slide or new presentation.
    Create evenly spaced duplicate shapes Click on the shape or object you want to duplicate. Edit/Duplicate. Drag the duplicate shape to move it to the new space and to establish the spacing you want for the duplicate objects. Edit/Duplicate again. PowerPoint duplicated the shape and the spacing you set up. Repeat until you have all the shape you want.
    Use Word to customize handouts File/Send to/Microsoft Word. Select a layout. You can also select the option of placing notes next to the slides or blank lines next to slide or notes below slides or blank lines under slides. Select a pste option. OK. PowerPoint will export the presentation and open the Word program window so you can add or edit the handout text.

    Hints and Tricks for Word


    Make Your Text Exciting Type the words you want to make exciting. Highlight the words and then to go Format/Font/Text Effects and select the text you wish to use!
    Automate repetitive typing-stores words that you type often Type and then select the text you want to store as an autotext entry. Go to Insert/Auto-Text/Auto-Text Add/OK. **Caution-auto text entries do not work unless you turn on the Word Auto Complete option under Tools/Autocorrect Options/Autotext. Make sure show auto complete suggestions has a check mark.
    Save your Word Art as a graphic Select the WordArt, right click and copy. Go to start/all programs/accessories/paint/paste/resize/Save As select the bitmap option on the bottom
    Add line numbers in the document margin Go to File/PAge Setup/Layout tab/click line numbers. Click the Add line nu7mbering option (here you can select a starting number and you can select fthe spacing between the text and the line numbers or even selelct an option to restart numbering for each page or section or to set continous numbering), Click OK/OK. Word now adds line numbers to the margin of the document.
    Set off a paragrph with a border Select the paragraph you want to add a border. Format/Borders and Shading/Borders Tab and click box. Here you can select a line style, a color and a line width. To remove any sides of the border, click on that border's button and click OK.
    Emphasize paragraphs with Drop Caps Select the character you want to turn into a drop cap (this needs to be the first letter of a paragraph), Format/Drop Cap and select the type of drop cap you want to apply. Select the number of lines you want the character to drop or use the up and down arrows. OK
    Create a watermark with a picture Format/Background/ Printed Watermark. Click on the Picture watermark option/click on select picture/select the picture you want/Insert. If you select the washout option, the watermark becomes more transparent. OK. This watermark will appear on every page of this document.
    Create a watermark with text Format/Background/ printed Watermark. Click on the text watermark option/click on the text watermark you want to use or type new watermark text directly into the text field/select thetext color, font, size and layout position here/OK. This watermark will appear on every page of this document.


    Hints and Tricks for Microsoft Outlook

    Create a signature for messages On the tools menu, click Options, then click the Mail Format tab. In the Compose in this message format list, click the message format that you wantto use the signature with. Under Signature, click Signatures, and then clickNew. In the Enter a name for your new signature box, enter a name. Under Choose how to create your signature, select the option you want. Click Next. In the Signature text box, type the test you want to include in the signature. Click Finish when you are done editing the new signature.
    Creating folders to Store Email Right click on your Mailbox. Then select the New Folder command. Give the new folder any name that you would like. When you are finished the folder you just created will appear with the other folders that Outlook has by default. You can now drag-and-drop emails into this folder. Currently, email that is moved to one of these folders will not expire, like other emails, in 30 days. This could change in the future.