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  • Imagine Language & Literacy

    Imagine Language & Literacy, is an adaptive computerized program that supports English learners with developing proficiency in English. 

    • Students begin by take a placement test to determine areas of need and an instructional sequence.

    • Students then progress through a sequence of listening, vocabulary, reading, and speaking lessons, which accelerate their English language development.

    • The curriculum monitors student progress and adapts to individual student needs. Students are provided additional instruction or acceleration depending upon their progress. 

    • Imagine Language & Literacy:

      • Provides a rich environment to support basic and academic vocabulary development taught in multiple contexts.

      • Is aligned to Common Core State Standards. 

      • Provides support in the student's first language, the first language support is faded out as the student gains English skills.

      • Addresses English sounds and grammatical structures that are not found in a student’s first language. 

        • For example, if the student speaks Vietnamese as his or her native language, the program adapts the lessons to provide more practice with English sounds and grammatical structures not found in Vietnamese.

      • Teaches concepts such as rhyme initially in the student’s first language to build background knowledge, and then the skill is transferred to English. 

    • To view an overview of Imagine Language & Literacy use these links: 

    Imagine Learning is providing a variety of support during remote learning: 

    Imagine Language & Literacy is available to English learners in elementary grades and English learners at the lower proficiency levels in middle and high school.

    The Imagine Language & Literacy program can be accessed a few different ways:

    • Through managed bookmarks in Google Chrome on a district device.
    • Through the student tools page on school websites
    • By clicking the icon below: 

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    Please use the links below to access log in directions: