Imagine Learning

  • IL is an adaptive computerized program available in all of our schools for beginner and advanced beginner EL students.
    • Students who are learning English progress through a sequence of listening, vocabulary, reading, and speaking lessons, which accelerate their language development.
    • The curriculum automatically adapts to individual student's mistakes and progress. Students are provided additional instruction or acceleration depending upon their responses. 
    • Imagine Learning provides a rich environment to support basic vocabulary development. Academic vocabulary is taught in multiple contexts.
    • IL is aligned to Common Core State Standards, with a lot of practice for students in non-fiction text.
    • IL provides support in the student's first language. First language support is faded out as the student gains English skills.
    • IL addresses English sounds and grammatical structures that are not found in a student’s first language. For example, if the student speaks Vietnamese as his or her native language, the program adapts the lessons to provide more practice with English sounds and grammatical structures not found in Vietnamese.
    • IL teaches concepts such as rhyme initially in the student’s first language to build background knowledge, and then the skill is transferred to English.  
    • Certificates, progress reports, and letters to parents are available in the student’s first language. 

    Learn more about Imagine Learning on their website.