• nit Every school from time to time deals with the problem of head lice. Lice effect people from all backgrounds, and all incomes. Any family can be at risk for head lice. Cleanliness is not a factor for contracting head lice.

    Our current school policy is one of non exclusion for live lice and nits. Building administration may decide to exclude a student with lice if the problem becomes a chronic issue at the school.

    Nits are the eggs laid by the lice along the shaft of the hair. You can tell these from loose scalp skin as they will not move when you blow air across them. The picture on the above-right is what a nit on a hair shaft looks like. (Magnified View)

    Lice look different depending on what part of their life cycle they are in. Phases of life of a louse (lice) The picture below-right shows the different life phases of a louse.

    All live lice and their nits need to be removed from your student's hair. Information about the treatment and removal of lice from the hair can be found online.