5th Grade Outdoor Education Experience Field Trip

  • Group of kids and parents out hiking A part of the fifth-grade curriculum includes an outdoor experience for our students that may include an overnight field trip for some of our schools. These field trips require more preparation than normal day trips.
    The district requests that all permission slips be turned in 14 days prior to the scheduled trip. These permission slips inquire about any medical needs your student may have. This gives the district nurse time to review the medical needs of students going on the trip. If you need a replacement permission slip you can obtain one by clicking here.
    Students who require medication while at camp will need an order from their Licensed Health Care Professional (LHCP) to cover the duration of the trip. No Medications will be administered during the field trip without a signed order from your Licensed Health Care Professional. These orders must be received by the Health Room three days before the trip is scheduled to depart. Medication order forms may be obtained by clicking here. No new orders will be accepted the day of the field trip. These medications need to be in their original containers and labeled with the student's name, medication and dose prescribed. We will NOT accept any medications not in the original container and properly labeled.
    We will start taking medications for the field trip three days prior to the day it is scheduled to leave. Only provide enough medication to cover the duration of the camp. Please remember that it is the parent's/guardian's responsibility to pick up any unused medication from the health room after the trip.