• Wings is the online program we use at Port Gardner School to manage our individual Student Learning Plans, Monthly Progress Reports, attendance, and other communications between our staff and the families in our program. You can check out our program and get an idea of how it works by going to our Wings site.

    If you have a student enrolled in our program you will also register for classes on Wings. See directions below.

    Questions regarding Wings should be directed to Megan Slaker at 425-385-5150 or


    Registration Information

    In order to register for classes you need to be enrolled in our program and signed up for a Written Student Learning Plan (WSLP) appointment with a WSLP Advisor. Please see Enrollment Info. for more details.

    Those currently enrolled in the Homeschool Alternative are able to sign up for an WSLP appointment and register for classes as soon as you get your User Name and Password from our front office.Once you haveyour User Name and Password, then follow the instructions below. If you have questions please contact Megan Slaker at 425-385-5150.

    To sign up for an WSLP appointment:

    Go to

    1. Click on Login

    2. Type in your User Name and Password

    3. Click on Choose Student, choose your student from list

    4. Click on Find a Class

    5. Under Find a Class window, next to Type of class use the drop down menu, click on Student Learning Plans

    6. Click Search

    Find the SLP advisor and time you would like to meet

    Click on the Green plus sign

    Click on the Enroll button

    To Register for Classes:

    Go to

    1. To sign up for classes follow steps 1-5 above, leave selection for Type of class as default

    2. You can filter the class selections by grade, day, subject, teacher etc.

    3. Click on the green plus sign to enroll in class.