Technology Support Information

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    Help Desk and Field Technicians - Overview of Support

    The singular goal of the Everett Public Schools is to enhance the learning environment for students. Our goal and technology support is to provide the tools and system to support the technology initiatives in the classroom. This entails desktop computer support, network oriented support, and customer support.

    Support Staff

    We currently have 3 full time Help Desk Staff and 3 full time Field Technicians. There are usually 1 or 2 Help Desk staff members on the phones at one time during the day. When not on the phones, they are busy working on open work orders and the never-ending work of system account maintenance. The main focus of a Field Technicians is to service work orders that the Help Desk can't solve from the CRC. Unfortunately, due to lack of staffing, Field Technicians are often called upon to assist with technology deployments; central office tech support for meetings; and other district needs that are unforeseen but interrupt their ability to service work orders as quickly as we would like. We thank you for your patience and we continue in our attempts to expand our support staff.

    Support Hours

    The Information System team guarantees service during regular business hours.

    Help Desk Hours: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm each weekday. If they don't answer immediately, stay on the line and you will be answered in the order your call was received. There are currently no scheduled service options outside of these times. 

    Customer Service

    What is excellent customer service? What does it to look like? What doesn't look like? Specific definitions of customer service are critical to building an excellent customer support structure. Please use the information on this website to understand how we are able to provide excellence in support. When a service request is sent, how do we set a priority and service timeline? Check the Tech Work Order Priorities link above to see we we set priorities for support requests.