Dental Plan Information

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    Dental coverage is offered by the Everett School Employee Benefit Trust to employees and their families at no cost to the employee. Chidren may be covered to the last day of the month in which they turn 26.  All eligible employees with a minimum benefit FTE of .330 are required to enroll in one of the dental plans. Coverage cannot be waived. If an employee does not enroll in a dental plan, they will be automatically enrolled in the Willamette Dental plan with employee only coverage.
    To compare the two dental plans available please review the: Dental Plans Comparison

    Delta Dental:

    Delta Dental of Washington (formerly known as either Washington Dental or Delta Dental)
    • DDOW Plan Summary
    • Plan year for dental services is November 1 through October 31.
    • Identification cards are NOT issued to subscribers. Verification of coverage is performed by the dental offices electronically using the employee's social security number for the family.

    Willamette Dental:

    Willamette Dental - Click on link for office locations

    • Schedule of Coverage
    • Plan
    • Implants and Orthodontia are not covered. However, these services are available under the Value-Added Services discount plan. Information regarding costs are available at Willamette Dental. Go to EMPLOYER and choose VALUE-ADDED SERVICES. Employees can choose information regarding implants or orthodontia.
    • Identification cards are NOT issued to subscribers. Verification of coverage is made when making an appointment.