Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

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    Annual re-enrollment is required to continue either dependent or health care flexible spending arrangements. Everett Public School employees are required to enroll during the annual open enrollment periods through the Employee Online process. Additional information regarding flexible spending accounts is available at http://www.naviabenefits.com/ or 1-800-669-3539. Heres great getting started information.  

    • The US Treasury Department modified the Flexible Spending Arrangement “use-it-or-lose-it” provision to allow carry over of Health  Care FSA funds – maximum of $500 of unused 2018 healthcare FSA dollars may be carried over to 2019.
    • Maximum contribution is $2,700 per calendar year – carryover does not affect ability to elect the maximum annual election. For example, employees can contribute a maximum of $2,700 for 2019 and carryover a maximum of $500 in unused 2018 dollars for a total of $3,200 available for 2019.
    • Employees may claim reimbursement for allowable expenses for children through the calendar year in which they turn 26. For example, if a child turns 26 in February 2019, claim reimbursement is allowable for qualifying expenses incurred for the child from January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019. Except for certain IRS rules that apply only to the qualifying medical expenses of children of domestic partners, claim reimbursement for qualifying expenses for children whether or not they are married, are students, are dependents, are tax dependent, or live with the employee is allowed.
    • Office copays, out-of-pocket medical, dental or vision expenses that are not covered by insurance plans are reimbursable.
    • Lasik eye surgery, non-prescription reading glasses, prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses are reimbursable.
    • Over-the-counter items that are not medicines or drugs such as bandages, first aid kits, saline solution, etc. are reimbursable.
    • The maximum contribution for a dependent care flexible spending account is $5,000 per calendar year.
    • Recurring Daycare Claim Information and Instructions
    • Recurring Daycare Claim Form
    • Additional information regarding health care and dependent care flexible spending accounts is available through Navia, Inc. at http://www.naviabenefits.com/ or 1-800-669-3539

     Benefits Debit Card

    • For use with Health Care Flexible Spending Accounts ONLY.
    • Receipt of a benefits debit card is automatic unless you specifically indicate NO.
    • Rather than paying out of pocket and submitting claims for reimbursement, qualified medical care expenses can be paid directly to the provider using the benefits debit card.
    • The benefits debit card is accepted at merchants and medical care providers such as doctor offices, dental clinics, vision clinics, hospitals, mail order prescription programs, pharmacies and grocery stores using the MasterCard system.
    • One cards will be issued upon initial enrollment at no cost to participants. There is a $10 fee, which is deducted from HCFSA balance, for additional or replacement cards. The benefits debit card is valid for three years from the date of issue.
    • The benefits debit card will be front-loaded with the total 2019 allocation on January 30, 2019. The monthly allocation will be deducted from the employee’s paycheck from January 2019 through December 2019.
    • Participants MUST provide an email address to be eligible for a Flexi-Card.
    • Non-eligible items or over-the-counter medications purchased with a prescription cannot be paid for using the benefits debit card. However, reimbursement can still be received by submitting the claim form, copy of receipt and copy of the prescription directly to Navia, Inc.
    • Questionable charges may require additional information from participants – KEEP RECEIPTS.
    • Additional information regarding the benefits debit card is available through Navia, Inc. at http://www.naviabenefits.com/ or 1-800-669-3539

     Health Savings Account

    • If qualified, employees may open and contribute to a health-savings account on a pre-tax basis which can be used to pay for qualified health-care expenses on a tax-free basis.
    • The requirements to qualify are:
                 a)       Cannot be claimed as dependent on anyone else’s tax return
                 b)       Cannot be enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE or any other disqualifying health coverage
                 c)       Cannot be covered through a health care flexible spending account (FSA)
                 d)       Must be enrolled in a  Qualified High Deductible Health Plan (QHDHP)
    • Maximum contribution for 2019 - Employee Only $3500.00; Employee + Family $7000.00
    • Enrollment process begins through Employee Online. Employees will receive verification email upon completion of Employee Online process with further instructions to complete the enrollment process through the Navia, Inc. website. Employees are not officially enrolled in a health-savings account until process completed through Navia, Inc. system.
    • Additional information regarding health-savings accounts is available through Navia, Inc. at http://www.naviabenefits.com/