• 2020 Capital Bond 



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    The Everett School District’s board of directors on Tuesday, October 8, 2019, approved placing a $317.4 million capital bond on the April 28, 2020 ballot to fund STEM career-connected learning pathways for students, ensure equitable access and opportunities for all students, increase safety and security and ensure students have enough room to learn by adding 21st century learning classroom space.

    The 2020 capital projects bond prepares our students for the future by:

    • Giving our students facilities and tools necessary for STEM career pathways
      • The bond funds modernization and upgrades to high school classrooms to support the Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) career pathway programs and new science standards.
    •  Increasing safety and security for students and schools
      • Secure locks and keying systems will be added districtwide.
      • Access control systems at two high schools
      • Upgrades to fire alarm systems, security systems and fencing
    •  Ensuring students have enough room to learn by adding 21st Century classroom space, modernizing and repairing building systems
      • Adds new elementary school classrooms throughout the district to reduce overcrowding, keep class sizes low and keep more kids at their neighborhood schools
      • Repairs aging school systems in our schools like HVAC, roofing and flooring replacements, that extends the longevity of schools
    •  Providing equitable access and opportunities for students by funding capital projects at all schools throughout our district, while reducing the overall school district tax rate.