Everett Public Schools map

Each elementary school boundary is represented by a color that corresponds to the color behind the school name on the list of schools.

Middle school boundaries are outlined in red, and middle school buildings are highlighted in red.

High school boundaries are outlined in yellow, and the school buildings are highlighted in yellow (except for Sequoia High School, which has no boundaries).

Click on a school name to see an enlarged view of its boundary lines. Enlarged views of the northern, central or southern sections of the district are available by clicking on the map. (NOTE: These files are larger jpg images, so allow time for them to load.)

Click here for a PDF version of the district map.
Click here to see which schools your children will attend as they move through their school years.

High Schools
Cascade High School
Everett High School
Henry M. Jackson High School
Middle Schools
Eisenhower Middle School
Evergreen Middle School
Gateway Middle School
Heatherwood Middle School
North Middle School
Elementary Schools
Cedar Wood Elementary School
Emerson Elementary School
Forest View Elementary School
Garfield Elementary School
Hawthorne Elementary School
Jackson Elementary School
Jefferson Elementary School
Lowell Elementary School
Madison Elementary School
Mill Creek Elementary School
Monroe Elementary School
Penny Creek Elementary School
Silver Firs Elementary School
Silver Lake Elementary School
View Ridge Elementary School
Whittier Elementary School
Woodside Elementary School

district boundary

North District Boundaries Central District Boundaries South District Boundaries