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    (Welcome to my website.)  
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    If you need anything, please send me an email – I miss you, care about you, and will do what I can to support you.  If you prefer to talk, be sure to include your phone number.  =)

    French is a global language and I am thrilled to explore the language, customs, as well as the advantages of knowing French both in the U.S. and overseas with my students!
    I studied French both in France and at San Diego State University.  I lived in France for a year with a host family who spoke no English and attended a French school where I was the only foreign student.  It was quite an experience taking physics in French!  While in France I studied economics as I wanted to get France's perspective on national and global issues.  Learning should not be painful - my goal is for my students to have fun speaking and learning French with confidence as well as to leave my class with a global perspective of events occurring around the world. 
    Please take a glance at the map highlighting the francophone, (French speaking), countries of the world
    I look forward to a terrific school year together!
    Please feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions. 
    Teri Grindstaff
    Phone: (425)385-7084
    (The best time to reach me is via email or before school) 

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