• John Preston

    Hello everyone!

    Within this website, I will connect some learning resources for you and your child to engage in while we are on break from school. I've posted some links on the left side under Intersting Web Resources.

    My Google Classroom is going to be the best hub for resources for your student. Students have used my Google Classroom many times and they are familiar with navigating it. 

    To access Google Classroom from home:

    • go to classroom.google.com
    • log in with your child's 6 digit studentID-  ######@apps.everettsd.org (should be redirected to EPS sign in)
    • log in to EPS. User ID is student ID/student lunch #, password is the same.
    • Students should then have access to Mr. Preston's First Grade.
    • One problem that stops kids from logging into google classroom is if the device is already logged into google with a different personal account. In that case, just log out of the personal account so the student can log in.


    If you have any questions, please email me at jpreston@everettsd.org. I will be unable to check voicemails while away from the school. 

    Remember your brain is a muscle and must work out daily to grow bigger and stronger. So keep reading, writing, and asking questions like a mathmatician! I miss you all and can't wait to hear all about your learning!

    Stay safe and healthy,


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