Welcome to Ms. Rochon's Class

  • Mariana Rochon Welcome to another fantastic year!
    I am very excited to have your student in my Physical Education class this year. Students will be learning life long activities, food for energy and health, bone health and muscle motion.  It is important that students come prepared.  If a student needs help gettiing tennis shoes or needs help remembering their P.E. day please contact me.  I will be more than happy to help.  I want every student to feel successful and comfortable while they are in P.E.  Again I look forward to working with your student.
    If you have access to the internet please visit me at google classroom.  My code is h5p6g5v this will allow us to communicate and I will have some fun activities for students to do.  If you would like to participate in some online behavior logs go to focusedfitness.org.  To login use your student number as your password and your last name as your ID#.  There is an activity log and a nutrition log you can fill out.  School will be closed until April 24th but the logs can be used through May.

                                 I hope everyone is healthy and I will continue to communicate through my web page and google classroom.

                                 Mariana Rochon