Welcome to Ms. Rochon's Class

  • Mariana Rochon As we all know now we will not be returning to school this year.  It is still important that we still stay active and make healthy choices.  I am meeting weekly with other PE teachers and we are developing activities for students using our physical education program Five for Life.  I will be posting these activities weekly on this web page and in my google classroom.  These activities can be done inside or outside.  Before doing any activity students should get adult permission.  I hope these activities will get not just students up and active, but families too.  

    April 20th - April 24th

    Find someone to do 20 jumping jacks with you.

                                Read a book while doing a wall sit.

                                Use a ball, balled up socks or a balloon to do an under hand serve or practice hitting.

                                Do as many squats as you can while saying your math facts.

                                Take a walk.

                                4/22/20  A new activity.  You will need a deck of cards.  Choose an exercise, draw a card and whatever number you draw you do that amount of the exercise.  If you draw                                an ace, king or queen you get a free pass and don't have to do the exercise.  If you don't have cards you can use dice or make your own cards.


                                April 27 - May 1

                                Play Rock Paper Scissors with someone.  Before you start each game choose an exercise that the person needs to do if they don't win.

                                You will need a ball, rolled up socks, or a balloon and a paper plate.  Find a partner and hit back and forth or toss the object up and hit it with the plate.

                                Practice your push ups and sit ups.

                                If you have a paper plate or paper draw a healthy plate.  Draw the food groups and the food you enjoy that belongs in that food group. Dairy, protein, grains, vegetables                                  and fruit.

                                The last activity is to help with spring cleaning at home.   

                                 May 4 - May 8

                                 I am giving you one assignmenet this week, The Daily Mile.  I encourage you and your family to get up and walk, jog or run for fifiteen minutes.  You can do this inside or                                 outside.  The route can be shorter than one mile as long as you are moving for fifteen minutes.  Make sure you have adult supervision or permission before you start The                                 Daily Mile.    


                                 May 11 - May 15

                                 Try juggling with scarfs, socks or small balls.

                                 Grab Bag Fitness.  Write down some exercises put them in a bag and draw one out and do the exercise.  Find some friends or family to play with you.

                                 Find a plastic cup and throw up a ball or rolled up socks and try to catch them in the cup.

                                 Continue to take walks.

                                 If you have a paper plate try using it like a frisbee and play catch.


                                May 18 - 21

                                Go Noodle activities Clap it Out and Fast Feet with Madison Keys

                                Use a tape measure, string or yarn to measure how far you can jump.

                                Take a sip lock storage bag and blow it up.  After you have it blown up use it like a soccerball and juggle it with your feet.               


                                May 26- May 29  

                                Make signs for the assembly on Friday to support the Seahawks.

                                Go Noodle Lateral Movement by the NFL


                                June 1 - June 5

                                Go Noodle Cha Cha Slide Plank

                                Take a walk but make a nature scavenger hunt list of items you might find. 

                                Follow the leader jumping or jump roping.

                                June 3rd is Global Running Day.  Find an area where you can run or jog.  Count your laps.


                                June 8 - June 12

                                Take a ball or rolled up socks sit in a chair and toss it in the air.  Use one hand or two but you must stay in the chair to catch it.  Control is important.

                                30 second challenges with a plastic bag.  Toss the bag in the air.  Do a squat and catch the bag before it touches the ground.  Next take a water bottle place it to your side                                toss the bag, touch the bottle and catch the bag before it hits the ground.  Do those 2 actiivities for 30 seconds.

                                Keep moving jumping jacks, run in place or play outside.


                               Mariana Rochon